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Subject:Why https protection is necessary for your website

UPDATE: Google has announce that Chrome 68 will display web pages without https as NOT SECURE. Effective  July 2018

In Europe, more than 500 million people are Internet users , whereas 80% of consumers conduct online research before purchasing a product or a service . As this trend around the globe grows, the strong online presence of a company acquires critical importance. Nevertheless, maintaining a professional online presence through a business website is not a simple task. Through it, a company can build its credibility and good reputation establishing at the same time strong partnerships with its clients. For sure, generating traffic and leads while seeking new potential customers is another top challenge. The online space provides the companies with the platform they need in order to strengthen their brand and therefore attract potential customers. To achieve that, website owners invest a lot of time and effort to enrich their website with useful information and updates. However, as the world becomes more digitally connected than ever before and cyber-attacks rise dramatically, cybersecurity becomes a major concern for all the companies and the website owners.

According to SUCURI, in 2017 83% of WordPress websites were infected, whereas the remaining 17% belongs to Joomla, Magento, Drupal and other website platforms. It is expected that, in 2018 these figures will grow.

Statistics also suggest that 43% of cyber-attacks aim at small types of businesses. Although it is considered that only major companies like Sony, Microsoft, etc. can be hacked, small companies are  potential targets as well.

All intrusions are performed electronically by crawlers irrespective of the size of the company

As the ways of hacking or breaching websites become more advance, Google and web masters are taking more powerful measures to secure users’ information and website contents. One way to achieve this, is through https protection.

What is https all about

magine that the internet communication with the web is similar to a telephone line. The User, (web browser) is having a telephone conversation with your friend (web server). The telephone line (connection) used can be tapped, and the spy or web crawler (eavesdropping) can overhear any conversation.

By having an http domain without SSL certification implies that the connection is exposed to different kinds of threats, as mentioned above. In order to establish a private connection, encryption is vital. Using https ensures that the communication with the web server is encrypted. Crawlers can still eavesdrop to a connection, but they will not be able to understand exactly what they hear.

The SSL Layer ensures that:

  1. The web browser communicates with the webserver someone intends to communicate and not a fake one.
  2. The interaction with the server is out of the reach of malicious crawlers.


Establishing an SSL certification to your website can be confirmed once the green “secure” message with a padlock is displayed to the left side of the URL field.

Website browsers display a green padlock as a confirmation that https connection has been established.

How it works

Sending confidential information from a computer to a webserver, can be corrupted by another computer, and thus, data can be stolen. SSL puts a security barrier over the connection with a webserver, while any information stolen by other computers is encrypted.

How is this possible?

Theoretically, this is a “handshake” agreement between the client (users web browser) and the server (web server) with the exchange of keys. Both, the sender and the receiver, agree upon a code that encrypts the confidential information that no one else can read, and the use of the keys to decrypt the messages.

Each party holds a public and a private key. The public key is used to encrypt the message, and the private key is used to decrypt it. When the message is encrypted by the public key, it can only be decrypted with the corresponding private key. This is how a secure connection is being established between a web browser and a server.

Too Technical? Have a look at the diagram below:

Additional benefits

Besides the secure connection between the users and the webserver, https offers other benefits as well

Rank higher Indeed. Https can help a website rank higher in search results. Assume there are two “competing” websites with a similar performance according to the users’ search results; the website with SSL certification will get the extra boost to rank higher. It’s all coming down to Google’s algorithm to improve the users’ experience.

Improve your sales and protect your customers Having the default http displayed on your website can cause trust issues among your customers. The users will not trust your website if they notice that the little ‘s’ is missing from your http domain. Even if they do not know exactly how https works, they know that it can protect them and keep their personal information secure.

Gain Traffic Is indeed frustrating and annoying when you try to access a website and you get a scary red screen with the “Your connection is not private” message. This might happen to your website’s visitors while they try to access your website without https. They will not therefore trust your website, and they will search for another one. Google has been encouraging users to move to https encrypted sites. Now, the websites without https are displaying a ‘NOT SECURE’ message next to their domain.

WiseBOS CMS Platform and https

Our powerful editor WiseBOS CMS keeps your information confidential while the bridge with your website is secured under an https domain.

All of our websites are developed by WiseBOS CMS. WiseBOS CMS is an important part of your website because it gives you the flexibility to create, customise and manage the content of your website. It gives the user a plethora of tools to work with. All this are manageable without any technical skills of HTML or CSS through the user-friendly interface of WiseBOS CMS.

Here at eBOS Technologies, we understand how important it is to keep a website and its users safe and secure, so we make sure that a https Certification is included to all of our new websites.

Contact us to discuss about your professional website.