Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Differentiate from the competition

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and why is so important? 
If you want your website to rank high in search results, then you need a SEO friendly website.  SEO Optimised websites are gaining more traffic and that is because they are ranking higher than their competition in organic (not paid) search results.  In other words, it helps your website gain more exposure by becoming visible to your target audience.

Having a friendly SEO website can drastically improve the user’s experience as well. 

In order to enhance SEO, we ensure the following:

  • pages are responsive and mobile friendly
  • use of quality contents
  • better article content structure. Use of titles, subtitles, bullet points and images
  • use of the right keywords in meta titles, meta descriptions and the content
  • speed optimised pages for faster loading

Our creative team in Cyprus carefully structures the website’s design to be SEO optimised. Our goal is to rank your website to page 1 of search results. WiseBOS CMS offers all the tools to help you improve your ranking. In fact, with WiseBOS you can edit yourself every page with titles, description and the whole content.

Our aim is to help potential customers reach you

Website SEO Optimisation Icon

Website SEO Optimisation

From the early stages of the developing process, our team optimises the html code to be SEO friendly. We are using optimised HTML with correct <h> tags hierarchy, image optimisation, anchors, inner links and meta tags. All pages are speed and mobile optimised as well. An important part of the optimisation is the correct structure of the contents. We always advise our clients on how to write a correct structured content with titles, images, bullet points and anything else needed for their pages to perform better in rankings.
Competition Analysis icon

Competition Analysis

Websites today are very competitive when it comes to SEO Optimisation and Keywords. Our team analyses the competition to find out their strong and weak points. Based on that research we built our strategy for better ranking.
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The ideal Keywords

Choosing the right keywords for your website is the most important step in SEO Optimisation. First, we need to target the audience and then reach out to them with the right keywords. Using relevant keywords in your contents will improve your website’s ranking.
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Localize Business Search

Including keywords in the contents and meta tags like Cyprus, Nicosia will help users to find what they are looking for in their area. We also help your business to appear in the local geographic map (business listing close to your area). This kind of organic seo optimisation is ideal for hotels, restaurants, shops…etc.
Off Page SEO icon

Off Page SEO

As the title says, off page seo is any SEO optimisation is done outside of your website. The most important is the link building and social media marketing. Using off page SEO your website will gain more exposure quickly.
Analytic Report icon

Analytic Report

Monitoring the traffic of a website is important. To help our clients achieve this, we provide analytic reports and comparisons on a monthly basis, and a google analytic account. All of our recommendations regarding the improvement of a website are always based on the visitors’ behaviour.
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