Powerful and Flexible

Content Management System

All of our websites are developed by the powerful editor WiseBOS CMS. WiseBOS CMS is an important part of your website because it gives you the flexibility to create, customise and manage the content of your website. It gives the user a plethora of tools to work with. Users can choose their own design for their page from a wide selection of template layouts, edit images, upload documents and manage the SEO metadata. All this are manageable without any technical skills of HTML or CSS through the user friendly interface of WiseBOS CMS

WiseBOS CMS Features

Basic Features


Multiple File Format Supported

Upload any media file type on your website. Doc, excel, jpg, png, mpg, avi and many more.

Multiple Languages Supported

WiseBOS CMS can enable as many languages the client needs.

Social Media Friendly

All of our websites are connected to the social media. Visitors can follow any company’s website and also share pages and products to the social media of their preference.

Inquiry Forms

Collect the details of your visitors with our custom design inquiry forms. WiseBOS CMS can provide inquiry forms for any occasion.

Mail Database - Newsletter

WiseBOS CMS is also integrated with the famous newsletter system Mailchimp. Therefore, subscribers are added to both WiseBOS CMS Newsletter list and Mailchimp simultaneously.

Dynamic Menus

With WiseBOS CMS we are able to generate any type of menu. Vertical and horizontal, mobile compatible, e-shop menus and more.

Google Map Integration

Google maps allow visitors to find your store fast improving at the same time their overall experience with your website. 

Embed YouTube Videos

Embed unlimited YouTube Videos in your website. Videos are very important for a website and social media because they have a far more reaching effect.

SEO Features

SEO Optimised HTML

 All the HTML code is properly SEO Optimised. We are using the right <h> tags hierarchy, image optimisation, anchors, inner links and meta tags. All pages are speed and mobile optimised as well.

Meta Titles & Description for each Page

All the meta titles and page descriptions are easily edited by the user for better SEO rankings.

SEO Optimised Content Structure

We are guiding our clients on how to write a proper SEO friendly content. Every page content is manageable. Users can edit the titles, sub titles and the paragraphs. They can add optimised images with alt text and they can use word like editors to customise the text.


Add names to your pages URL. Having a name on your pages URL has a great impact on  the  optimisation and organic search.

Mobile SEO Friendly

All of our websites have a responsive design for media devices with code, images and content optimised specifically for mobiles. Our aim is to have reduced loading time and better SEO organic rankings.

eSHOP Features

Registration / Log in

Customers can register or log in by using our dynamic custom inquiry forms.

Shopping Cart

Customers can see a summary of the items they want to buy. They can also check the total balance and update the quantity of any item.

Import Products via excel file

If you have a large product list you can upload it via an excel file. First, we customise the excel file, by the shop and its properties, and then users can add their products and upload their excel file list.

Unlimited Categories and Pages

Each e-shop can have as many categories / subcategories and products as necessary. Creating categories and assigning products to them is straight forward.

Unlimited Storage

Users can upload as many images and / or documents per product as they want. 

Categories / Product Filter

Shoppers can use different filtering options to find out what they are looking for with just a few clicks.

Integration with Online Payments

Your e-shop can be supported by any payment method such as JCC, Visa, PayPal etc.

Useful eshop modules

To improve the customers' experience with the eshop website we provide  modules like, related products, products already seen and more.

Get in touch Page

Email Confirmations

Notify shoppers via an email confirmation once the order has been placed.

Carousel Rotators

Dynamic Gallery Rotator

Dynamic Galleries can show your images and products to your viewers.  They have features like auto play, all images, position indication and more. 

Image Slider/Carousel

The image carousel is the main image rotator of your website. It can include as many images as the client wants. Each image is accompanied with slogans that can be hyperlinks as well. All of our carousels are responsive and optimised for fast loading. 

News Rotator Control

With the news control you can update your audience with news and events. It is fully customised and responsive allowing users to change the title, description, add a date and change the image of an article.

Clientele Rotator

Display the logos of your business associates with the clientele rotator. Each logo can have a link redirecting to the company’s corresponding URL page.

Project / Portfolio Rotator

Display projects or portfolio with Project Rotator. With custom design we can make the rotator applicable to any website.

Custom Layouts

Media Devices Compatible - Responsive

All the custom designed layouts are responsive so that they are compatible with all the media devices and browsers. 

Custom Layout Templates

All the layouts we are using for our websites are custom designed by inhouse experienced designers.

Dynamic Content Builder

Content Builder is a powerful feature of our WiseBOS CMS. Users can alter the layout of the page they manage choosing from a wide variety of layout designs.